Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rambutans for Charity

Rambutans ( 21/07/2007)

Today starting 3.00pm, till tomorrow by noon, all rambutans for sale will be all donated to Ivory Cares by the Kang Family. Ivory Cares, a non profit and charity society will be holding a Food Fair in University Plaza, Jalan Gambier, Penang on the 19th August 2007.
The rambutan charity sale has to start today for they are riped and cannot wait until the day of the official Food Fair.
The sale started today with 900 rambutans sold to the staff at Moonlightbay and Island Resort Project. Tomorrow, the Ivory Cares commitee, headed by Mr Beh will be infront of our house at 10.00am to collect as much as 2,000 plus rambutans depending on our speed to pluck them down from the trees. All these rambutans will be sold to staff who love to eat them. The balance will be sent to the Birch House, Ivory Property Group office on Monday and will be sold to the staff in the early morning.
The amount collected will all be donated to Ivory Cares.

As mentioned earlier during the last post, some durians were also donated to The Salvation Boys' Homes and also to Orphanages. Some of them asked who was the donor, I smiled and mentioned the words -The Kang family.

I will post some pictures of the rambutan event tomorrow!!!

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welovepenang said...

veyr good.. can enjoy food and working on charity at the same time.... very good...