Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Roast Pork (Siew Bak)

Roast Pork (Siew Bak)

When I was a small boy, my parents used to buy pork from my neighbour. The pork then varies from oily meat to lean meat as compared to the present feed that gives the pig more lean meat. In the olden days all the pigs were fed with beans, rice, banana stem vegetables and any natural organic vegetables. I remember that we have to burn all of them in a very big pot and have to use a OAR to stir it after it boils. This feed was then given to the pig twice a day. At the end of each feed, we would spread a bit of oats on the food and the pig will swipe clean the bowl striaght away. In the olden days, we ate most parts of the pig even the liver.My eldest brother wrote a letter to my dad informing him that nobody eats the innards of pigs in America. I asked my dad why it and he told me that in the United States all feed for the pig were chemically made. Anyway, one of my favorite dishes was to cook the liver with boiled water. Other than this, my favorite food from the pig was the roast pork which we can buy it from the main market in Tanjong Bungah.
Since I am in town for the Penang Times Square Project, I usually buy the roast pork from a place everybody calls the 7th Street( Chic Teow Lor) in Georgetown. The best part of roast pork sold by this store is the roast rib ( Siew Pi).
The lady who sells this meat is very pretty and is a very good karaoke singer too.One would not guess it from the efficient way she handles the knife.

There are a number of ways of eating the roast pork.

1. Slice the roast pork into smaller pieces.

2. Add them into a bowl of hot mee like Hokkien mee , Curry mee, etc

3. Fry them with chilli padi and soya sauce.

4. Add to mixed vegetable soup (Chai Boey)

5. Fry them with a vegetable,e.g.Kai Lan with red chillies (Thai Dish)

6. Add them to other dishes such as fish head clay pot.
Other than the roast pork ,this store also sells roast chicken and roast duck.